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THE BREAD from Virgy's Bakery

I call this, "The Bread," (capitalization intended). My mother was the first baker whom I knew to make this bread. Whereas most bakeries churned out the low-cost, flat-top, and sliced breads rampant in Nigerian, my mother (always a pioneer) went a different route to make a mark. She began baking these dome-shaped breads about forty years ago. I remember her telling her goldsmith-cum-blacksmith (who made her gold jewelry and who molded her baking containers) how she wanted the metal baking dishes to look. The Breads sold like hot cakes, practically falling off the shelf. She had many supermarket customers to whom she supplied her creations.     In years, even though these dome-shaped breads became rampant, the ones from other bakeries lacked the rich aroma of my mother's creation. You could smell the nutmeg in her breads and her other secret ingredients from miles away, which brought people on foot to our supermarkets. Her other creations fared equally well: sausage

My Father's Favorite Breakfast II

I used to prepare this breakfast for my father for years. It was his second favorite breakfast: beans in tomato sauce, a little salt and a little sugar, red wine vinegar, and herbs. It is a very healthy food: no cholesterol, high in fiber (20%), no fat (saturated, trans, or other), high in protein, no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors, vegetarian-friendly since it has no meat, high in iron, and a good source of calcium. I boil one egg for him, just one peeled egg, and place it whole in the beans for him. I also prepared hot tea, placed the bread my mother baked right there before letting him know his breakfast is served. What is so endearing is that even though we had maids and such, it just gave me an immense joy to cater to both my parents.     Look at all the chunks of egg white. The best way to enjoy this dish is to scoop the beans with bread like the Italians do with bread and tomato/spaghetti sauce. Squisito! --Frances Ohanenye maintains this site. Plea

My Mother's Breakfast: SIMPLY Healthy

I found out from my mother just how healthy oatmeal is. I ate recklessly in my 20s, as well I should, but when you cross the threshold of 35 years, your body begins to talk to you about taking better care of it. If you are wise, you listen and make adjustments. Oatmeal for breakfast (and sometimes for dinner) was the beginning of that adjustment for me. It takes care of cholesterol for the most part. Oatmeal simmers in the pot, the best way. Microwave is not the best way to prepare any food. Milk adds a little flavor and takes away the blandness. Adding sugar is not advisable. --Frances Ohanenye maintains this site. Please direct all inquiries and request for permission to use copyrighted material to Thanks for complying with my request.

Mixed Drinks and Nigerian Movies

I wanted to serve the drinks in a deep platter. I did not have to worry about shallow serving trays. After dinner, we discovered mixed drinks and cocktails. We discovered that drinks go well with movies, so we had a Nigerian-movie marathon. I now can watch Nigerian movies without breaking down. Or maybe the alcohol blurred the pain. Hot Rum Cider: Rum-spiked hot apple cider topped with cinnamon sprinkled whipped cream: The secret to these drinks is reducing the amount of alcohol to allow sampling as many drinks as possible. Hot Spiked Cocoa Recipe: Irish Cream, hot cocoa, and whipped cream.   Cocoa Cherry Heaven: The cherry was supposed to float on a cloud of whipped cream. but it kept sinking to the bottom. I renamed it Cherry- bottom infused hot chocolate cocktail.     But if at first you do not succeed, try, try, try again. I did! The cherry floats this time. Will the real Cocoa Cherry Heaven please float? It did: hot chocolate, ru

Merry Christmas! Let's Dine and Wine

Finally, we sit down to our late-lunch-early-dinner soiree. Merry Christmas to all!   Stirred, not shaken!         Lasagna is very filling. It is taking longer to get it all in. It required nursing. It took a long time to get to the destination: a clean plate! I need a nap right about now.     Homemade strawberry bottom cheesecake and herbal tea (chamomile, rose petals, and soothing herbs)  All gone! Appetizer : Cheesy potato soup and glazed rolls     Main course : Turkey, dressing, lasagna, bean pudding,/moi moi, cabbage, and green beans                    Dessert : Strawberry bottom cheesecake and sweet potato pie                                                      Drinks : Apple cider, red wine, hot tea (for digestion), and water --Frances Ohanenye maintains this site. Please direct all inquiries and request for permission to use copyrighted material to Thanks for complying with my request.