Merry Christmas! Let's Dine and Wine

Finally, we sit down to our late-lunch-early-dinner soiree. Merry Christmas to all!

Stirred, not shaken!

Lasagna is very filling. It is taking longer to get it all in. It required nursing.
It took a long time to get to the destination: a clean plate! I need a nap right about now.
Homemade strawberry bottom cheesecake and herbal tea (chamomile, rose petals, and soothing herbs) 
All gone!
Appetizer: Cheesy potato soup and glazed rolls    
Main course: Turkey, dressing, lasagna, bean pudding,/moi moi, cabbage, and green beans                    Dessert: Strawberry bottom cheesecake and sweet potato pie                                                     
Drinks: Apple cider, red wine, hot tea (for digestion), and water

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