Moi-Moi Is Better and Tastier

Every chef has a story of a first-time mishap cooking a new dish. The first time I made moi moi on a large scale, the peas were not ground to a very fine consistency. I could feel the graininess, but time was against me, and I had to make do. A friend of mine suggested re-grinding the entire mixture, but I was too conscious of time to follow her suggestion. Let's just say that although it was edible, it was not my best work. Today's own is talcum-powder smooth, better, fluffier, tastier, softer; truly delicious, and with flakes. Since I dislike canned food, I did not put the famous corned beef in the moi moi. Just like I like my salmon, this bean pudding is à la simple.

 All the appropriate herbs and spices are in there.
Spray a 9 x 13 oven-safe dish with olive oil, pour in bean pudding mix, and bake.

Cut like brownies when done.
This moi moi was so soft, there were flakes. I traveled back to the days when moi moi was cradled in broad green leaves; after it cooled, children would scrape the delicious flakes/ remnants from the leaves: such a childhood heaven. Those were the days. I got in touch with the inner child in me today and savored those flakes. Yummy!

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