My Bakery Business Way Back When

I was going through some boxes with old belongings (the few that survived the flood of 2009) and found these cake catalogs. I started this bakery business in memory of my mother, way back in the 1990s, right after her passing away before the internet made everything accessible.

I named it after her as a continuation of the one she owned in Nigeria and in appreciation of what she taught me about cake decoration. I was quite good at it: baking anniversary, birthday, character, and other special occasion cakes. I bought cake design catalogs/books, registered the business with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), and had a telephone number specifically for it. My customers picked their choices from these catalogs, and I created whatever they selected perfectly.
I took pictures of the cakes I created back then. If I find the pictures (presuming they were not destroyed in the 2009 Georgia flood), I will scan and upload them here.Thank you, Mama.

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