My Cooking Regimen

I love herbs and spices. I am shifting toward the naturally packaged from Atlanta's numerous farmer's markets. The pre-packaged manufacturers' brands are causing me allergic reactions since they are suffused with preservatives for longer shelf life. I have been itching lately because of the chemicals they contain.
I like to listen to music when I cook. The shiny metallic ohject on the right is a CD player that does everything I command it.
My stainless steel revolving spice rack turns smoothly at the flick of a finger.
Herbs and spices from Atlanta's numerous farmer's markets come packaged in see-through pliable containers. It is such joy to look at the rows and rows of natural spices and herbs. The pre-packaged manufacturers' brands cause me allergic reactions since they are infused with preservatives for longer shelf life.

I am on a quest to expand my spice "rack." Right now, I have about 30 herbs and spices. I have made a list of the herbs and spices I do not have yet. Let the hunt begin.

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