I Had a Cake Decorating Business on the Side

I created many cakes for customers when I had my catering business. Also, Cassie used to volunteer me for anything relating to baking that her class wanted.

On one of those days, I made this huge cake and asked each child what he/she wanted on it.

As you can see, it was a very busy cake with clowns sitting and lying down in different positions, different colors and types of flowers, and other figures.
I used to decorate cakes with tropical/beach ornaments (below left).

 For whatever reason, the person who ordered this birthday cake (above) ordered another (below left) the following year and wanted his name spelled exactly criss-crossed but in different colors.
Beautiful bunches of roses (above right) for a client's 8th wedding anniversary celebration.
 I made this cake (below left) for Cassie's 2nd grade class of 12, less busy than her kindergarten class of nearly 30 students.
This Cinderella character cake (right) was Cassie's favorite. She got hooked on the  detailed gown that I made it for her for several years in a row until she got tired of it. It was a lot of work, let me tell you, but it made her happy.

I made the cake (below left) for a customer who was celebrating her 80th birthday. She wanted to put her cameo pendant on the cake. I convinced her to let me create several cameos for her with pastry ingredients and place them on the cake instead. I used icing and edible silver balls to create several cameos for her.

I used to make Cassie a different cake on her birthday: character cakes of Big Bird, Snow White, Cinderella, and others.
 I made this cake for a customer whose daughter was celebrating her 12th birthday. She wanted an arbor with blooming trellis. (My camera was not very good back then.)
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