Self-Control is Easy to Lose: I Was a Bad Girl!

I have a confession and an atonement for my transgression. I never acted the way I did on this day when I walked into a German bakery and went crazy. I guess the smell of fresh pastries took me back to my own childhood.

Anyway, the confession is that I lost my usual grip on eating and went on a carbohydrate binge for no apparent reason that I could decipher. Afterwards, the ceiling was swimming. Let's just say that I was bad! Like MJ said, "You know I'm bad...Who's bad?" I was, and I know it.

My atonement is that I went on several cups of detox tea cleansing that night and ate little or no carb the next day and followed it up with fruits, veggie meal, and salad for the rest of the day.
Two egg whites from free-roaming hens and hand-picked eggs. Add fat-free/skim milk and whisk. When onion is sauteed satisfactorily, add spinach, let cook briefly before pouring in egg white.

Cut in two: half for now and half for later.

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