Happy Mother's Day to Your Palate!

If quietude moves you, give in to it. It moved me today, and I gave in to it and dined solo, not that I had any choice in the matter being miles removed from all family members.

I wanted to treat myself and feast at the Spindletop, one of Houston's finests, much like Atlanta's Sun Dial where I have dined as well. Both restaurants revolve.

On Mother's Day of all days (and charging as much as it did), Spindletop offered its customers a cookie-cutter menu streamlined for the chef's convenience.

I had searched the menu online and knew what I wanted to order today, on Mother's Day, but Spindletop failed to offer me much choice; very disappointing.

The appetizer and main course appeared fresh. The dessert, especially the creme brulee and the cheese cake, looked and tasted old.

Still, the rest of the food was delish; my waiter was very efficient and very professional; the manager, on the other hand, failed to manage. Actually, (and for whatever reason), he acknowledged and managed only one Caucasian family, fawned over it, offered the adults free champagne, went to their table eight or more times, and ceremoniously ignored the rest of his clientele. I guess you would say that he wanted to make sure his bread was buttered generously.

The appetizer was very tasty: light dressing, well seasoned,
wide and crisp tomato slice, and well sauteed entwined shrimp.
I tried to ignore him and focus on my meal, but he kept walking by my table to reach the highly favored one. I mentioned his unprofessional behavior to the hostess who must have said something to him. He humored me and flung a bone of a question my way. He visited the chosen table a few more times after that.

Skipping breakfast always backfires. I didn't have time to eat breakfast this morning. Therefore, I overindulged and ate everything the waiter placed in front of me. Guilt grabbed and shook me. I rushed home to green tea.

Behold the main course! Tasty red snapper, onion "noodles,"
chopped pineapple, and diced red pepper hide a cornucopia of veggies: purple
and white potatoes, red, orange, and green peppers, and carrot.

The dessert (left)

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