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French Onion Soup, Turkey Legs, and Three Greens

Turkey and the Greens:  In a big crockpot, place three washed turkey legs, one cup of water, sea salt, and ground black pepper (to your taste) and cook on high heat. Add thyme, garlic, and parsley. There is no need to add oil since meat produces its own natural oil and juice. When the meat is done, wash and chop one head of cabbage, a 5-oz tub of kale, and a 16-oz tub of spinach. Combine with the turkey and juice. Simmer on medium heat until vegetables are soft and tasty. French Onion Soup : In a medium sauce pan, pour one packet of beef broth and cook on low heat. Peel and dice half of one red onion and cut the other half into concentric rings. Separate the rings and pour all parts of the onion into the cooking beef broth. Continue cooking on low heat (for up to an hour or two) until diced onion is almost invisible and concentric rings are very, very tender.   After the soup is cooked to perfection, serve in a high bowl (at least three inches high). Sprinkle in Provolone