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New Year Rolls in and We Roll up!

The New Year has rolled in, and we have all rolled up our sleeves to do battle with resolutions, determinations, and major decisions that are supposed to revolutionize our world in 2016. Some of us sound like that broken LP with the needle stuck in the groove. I am that LP when it comes to getting my work published. I have made the same resolution about publication year after year since 2010, and my good friend, Lynn Watts, a counselor, asked in one of her blog posts, “ Do You Have a Monkey on Your Back? ” I have had a monkey on my back for years regarding publication, but that should all end this year. I never had a monkey on my back as far as weight loss is concerned. The last time I made a weight-loss resolution was in 2000 after logging around 25 pounds for four years after my father passed away. I looked for comfort in foods, sat down in one corner, and I cried my eyes out, did not care what I looked line. Four years of mourning with only food to console me, and I had to