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Fighting Cholesterol Naturally

My doctors keep prescribing all these cholesterol medications, and I keep sidestepping them. Cholesterol is in my genes, what is called inherited cholesterol or familial hypercholesterolaemia. This type of cholesterol is hardly caused by or linked to diet. Still, the side effects of the medications my doctors have prescribed, the ones I have allowed myself to take over the years, have almost killed me. The doctors keep advising me to ignore the side effects. That is impossible to do because they are pains in parts of me that I never knew could hurt. I have been fighting cholesterol through an active lifestyle (of walking, stepping, stationary bicycling, pilate, and exercise ball) monitored by my Vivofit2, keeping my weight down, and through natural diet of blended fruits (juiced or as smoothies) and raw vegetables (to the extent that my schedule allows). Image obtained from Foods known to fight cholelsterol:  All sorts of beans (white, navy, black