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My Favorite Gym Away from Other Gyms

Weight loss is an unending challenge, to be watched, monitored, and bemoaned. When I hit 50 years of age, fat glued itself to my body and refused to let me go. As sensibly as I eat, and as low-fat and low-calorie as my diet is, I cannot seem to shake off the 30 pounds I collected over the years but mostly last year when I fell a victim to one of the most fattening and most delicious ice cream man ever created. Food is a great salvation. Food is the nourishment we need to survive and to overcome, but food is crippling and defeating. Food needs to be paired with the most effective exercise regimen for fat to drop off and to stay away. The fight against the bulge has led me to accumulate different “weapons of mass destruction;” that is mass as in body mass. (Every pun intended!) All the weapons of mass destruction amount to a bowl of corn (which I am allergic to) if they are not paired with sensible eating. That sensible diet is portion control. Not only should we watch what we

Nigeria’s Designer Foods: Soup and Stew

Hello fans: I apologize for my sporadic postings over the last two years. I was chasing after my dream of obtaining a second Master's degree in English and Creative Writing. I have achieved that goal as of March 2017! I promise to post with more frequency. ========================== My childhood friend and I went to visit an older friend yesterday who served us “designer's soup,” and I was very curious.  "Designer’s stews" have been circulating for decades. The irony is that they originated from roadside vendors called "Mamaput" rather than from opulent restaurants or from the in-house restaurants of expensive hotels.  Not to split hair, but putting an apostrophe in the word "designer" means that someone owns it: Designer’s Stew, and as an English professor, my mind is in a riot. Should I correct this perceived error first?  Should it not be “designer stew” or “designer soup?” Anyway,  what determines which Nigerian dish gets th