Weight Loss Clinic: My Own

This is a follow-up report on my weight loss activities in my in-home weight loss clinic.

In April of this year (2017), I wrote a detailed blog post of my acquisition of several weapons of mass destruction
    I gathered effective machines through Aldi, TJ Maxx, and Thane. This resolution has intensified, and I use these machines several times a day and sweat up a storm. My regimen includes my mats and exercise balls for yoga and Pilate, fitness ab/arm wheel, Step (aerobics), dumbbell sets, the mini-Stepper, mini-cycling, and my newest possession, The Abdoer 360. Watch me sweat!! 
    Working out on Abdoer 360

    • Food continues to be a handicap in my quest for the perfect weight for me. However, there is a gleaming light at the end of that weight loss tunnel.
    As of first week of April 2017, the monitoring stats were--weight, 172.2 lbs; waist, 36”; hip, 43”; and body mass, 31.82. 

    On April 19, 2017, my stats were--weight, 169.6 lbs; waist, 34”; hip, 42”; and body mass index, 30.22. Progress!

    As of this morning (October 22, 2017), the stats are weight, 161.6 lbs; waist, 34"; hip, 41"; and body mass, 28.8. According to my doctor, my idea BMI (body mass index) is 22-23, which would make me about 130 pounds, the weight I hope to reach one day soon.

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