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The Right Shade of Desire Fulfilled

For years I have wanted to own gold utensils and flatware. I walked into Tuesday Morning one Saturday morning and beheld my culinary dream in flawless, dazzling color: gold. My mind rioted and fulfilled a long-standing dream. Another desire was to own bronze. I found a unique bronze can opener at Ross. As I snatched it up, I glowed with the pride of one who conquered a colony for his/her majesty. The only thing is, I conquered the "colony" for this majesty, me. This Thanksgiving and Christmas, I look forward to preparing tasty dishes with the ideal tools in the right shade of desire fulfillment: GOLD. Next stop: gold flatware From left to right : Two chef's knives with bone handles, black handle  chef's knife, big and small santoku knives, utility knife.  paring knife, bottle opener, can opener, cake server, spaghetti  fork, slotted spoons in opposite directions, turning spatula,  skimming spoon, gravy ladle, and cooking spoon (horizontal)