Eight Reasons to Soak Beans

When I was learning to cook (at about eight years of age), I was told to soak beans.

I discovered that the longer beans soak, the better for everyone for the following results:

1. Reduces or eliminates the occurrence of flatulence.

2. Reduces or eliminates bloating and the discomfort it brings.

3. Shortens the length of time to cook beans.

4. Reduces both the frequency and the amount of water required for desired softness.

5. Forces debris and faulty/bad beans to rise to the top for easy removal.

6. For my Nigerian family/friends who want to tackle the task of cooking mai-mai (moi-moi/moin-moin/black-eyed bean pudding), soaking reduces the physical pain and the length of time for shelling the skin.

7. Along with #6, soaking for mai-mai is cost effective for electricity: blending and cooking.

8. Along with #6, soaking is cost effective: will not burn/kill the motor of the blender.

If you want to share other reasons, please post in the comment box. Thanks.

--Frances Ohanenye maintains this unusual site. Click on the "Open Source Cooking" tab for enlightening information. Thanks for visiting. Have a fruitful day!


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