Pinto Beans Recipe and Nutrition

This is the first time I am buying and cooking pinto beans. I eat them outside of my home at Chipotle, but I guess I never liked them enough to purchase them. Let me tell you, the recipe I used made them delicious. I had to stop myself from polishing off my lunch for the entire week today.
From the extensive research I conducted, pinto beans are second to garbanzo/chickpeas in their nutritional content: cholesterol-free, gluten-free, fat-free, sugar-free, and high in fiber.

Some people make them too watery. That I dislike. I like them soft but close to each other instead of swimming in the pool of water. I prefer to add water if/when they get too close to each other. I theorize that people want to expand them by adding too much water to make them last or spread.

How to Cook: As usual, I soak beans overnight and rinse. These are the ingredients that made my pinto beans tasty: black pepper, curry, Maggi cube, parsley, olive oil, crushed red pepper, turmeric, no salt, and enough water to cover the beans with an additional inch of water above them.

I will eat the beans with brown rice, or alone, or as my salad topping.

Speaking of tasty, I shared my signature okworo soup with a family that goes to my church. They liked it so much they asked for the recipe. Luckily, the mother is an old-school cook for she did not ask me to write down the measurements. I just told her the process and the ingredients. I know she will not disappoint.

This situation validates my adherence to open-source(c) recipes.

--Frances Ohanenye maintains this unusual site. Click on the "Open Source Cooking" tab for enlightening information. Thanks for visiting. Have a fruitful day!


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