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My Daughter and Her Husband Love Gooey Buns!

I made gooey buns for my daughter and my son-in-law over the Christmas holiday since they love the dish so much. Gooey buns and Cinnabon s were Cassie's favorite childhood desserts. She would ask for Cinnabon every time we went to Cumberland Mall, and I obliged her. I made gooey buns for her on special occasions. I have a knack for looking at a dish, smelling the food, and tasting it (like I would a good wine), and I will prepare the dish with a high degree of accuracy of ingredients and process. I made up the recipe for gooey buns after I ate a couple at Le Peep Restaurant in Atlanta when Cassie was a little girl. Luckily, Le Peep still operates restaurants in Houston. Unfortunately, most or all the Le Peep restaurants in the Atlanta area were closed years ago. Anyway, I speed-walked 7,784 steps on Saturday (01/08/2020) under one hour (five minutes faster than the new record I set for myself last Saturda y). Therefore, I need a sweet reward for my hard work. I will treat

Layered Green Bell Peppers

My daughter made layered green bell peppers over the Christmas holiday, and it was delicious; no motherly bias here. I borrowed her recipe and made some layered green bell peppers. I gave one to the colleague-friend who gave me the organic eggs last week  for my sweet potatoes and scrambled eggs-cum-fish breakfast. I gave another one to another colleague-friend. My daughter  (who has her own Instagram cooking page: @Cookedbycass ) used lentils in her recipe, but I used mayocoba beans and used it for the first time in my cooking experience. Both types of beans are highly nutritious and are incredible sources of uncountable health benefits. Explore the health benefits of mayocoba beans here  and those of lentils here . It's in there! The leftovers are mixed up: Steamed brown rice (1 cup), diced red onion (1) and  diced portobello  mushrooms (16 oz) sauteed together, mayocoba beans (16oz), shredded baked salmon, and sharp cheddar cheese. Items are layered and pressed down i

Sweet Potato Is Morning Glory

I speed-walked 7,700 steps in a little under one hour, a new record for me. A woman I passed said, "Gosh, you are fast!" I must refuel in a very healthful way. I decided to replace the horsepower I produced with a high-protein breakfast: two cage-free, organic brown eggs, and fresh, wild-caught Alaskan cod, scrambled. A colleague gave me half a dozen REAL organic eggs from her "coop". Her three hens are beautiful and super-intelligent. Their feathers shine as if she washes them with expensive shampoo and conditioner. Breakfast:  I used to make cubed potatoes with white potatoes. Restaurants called them peasant potatoes, which caused me to dislike them. However, I renamed them PLEASANT potatoes, and I have loved to prepare them ever since. Now I prepare them with the more nutritious sweet potato. According to WebMD , sweet potatoes belong in the Morning Glory family. Sweet potatoes, the superfood, contain antioxidants, carotenoids (against cancer), low