My Daughter and Her Husband Love Gooey Buns!

I made gooey buns for my daughter and my son-in-law over the Christmas holiday since they love the dish so much. Gooey buns and Cinnabons were Cassie's favorite childhood desserts. She would ask for Cinnabon every time we went to Cumberland Mall, and I obliged her. I made gooey buns for her on special occasions.

I have a knack for looking at a dish, smelling the food, and tasting it (like I would a good wine), and I will prepare the dish with a high degree of accuracy of ingredients and process. I made up the recipe for gooey buns after I ate a couple at Le Peep Restaurant in Atlanta when Cassie was a little girl.

Luckily, Le Peep still operates restaurants in Houston. Unfortunately, most or all the Le Peep restaurants in the Atlanta area were closed years ago.

Anyway, I speed-walked 7,784 steps on Saturday (01/08/2020) under one hour (five minutes faster than the new record I set for myself last Saturday).

Therefore, I need a sweet reward for my hard work. I will treat myself to gooey buns.

Ingredients: English muffins (four halves); peeled, sliced, and boiled apple (1); cream cheese; cinnamon powder, butter, and brown sugar mixed until creamy; and roasted sliced almonds. I prefer to roast my almost myself.

Stack them: Spread the cinnamon mixture on the English muffin halves and bake for a few minutes or until the aroma fills the kitchen. Let them cool. Spread with cream cheese, layer with boiled/steamed apple, and sprinkle with almonds. You also can reverse the almonds and apple (as shown in the pictures below). Yum! Or as Rachel Ray would say, "Delish!"

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