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Vibrant Vegetarian Okra Soup

  I have not cooked or eaten okra/okro/okworo soup in a while. I cannot overemphasize the simplicity of this incredible vegetable. Without meat or fish, it still tastes incredible! Believe me, I have testimonies as to the deliciousness of my okworo soup. A friend came over one day to eat. He polished the entire mound of foo-foo, was uncomfortable, but he just could not stop eating because of the soup. He mows calls it “Your world-famous okworo soup”.  Another testimony: When an older Nigerian mother who is a renowned cook and who owns a restaurant asks for your recipe for herself and for her daughter-in-law (who also ate my okworo soup), you know you should open your own restaurant! Simple ingredients for this okra soup: 2-12 oz packs of Kroger southern-style cut okra, water, Knorr chicken bouillon, spinach, and crushed red pepper. THAT’S IT. No palm oil or any oil, no broth, no black pepper, no onions, etc. I got both the spinach and the okra free with my Kroger Rewards mailed-in cust