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Escalate All Foods to Medicine

In this time of COVID-19, all foods and drinks must be escalated to the level of the most efficacious medicine. I raised this simple sandwich to the level of medicinal efficacy when I added organic turmeric, garlic, and ginger.  In addition, I revved up the protein to what I call “high octane.” Anytime my meal contains three items with a protein content of at least 6 grams, I call it a high-octane meal.  For anyone over 40, a high-protein/high-octane meal is necessary.  For this sandwich: One cage-free, organic, boiled brown egg = 6 g One can of tuna in water = 20 g One-fourth cup Mozzarella cheese = 7 g Two shakes of turmeric (1/3 to 1/2 teaspoon) One clove of garlic (chopped to fine/tiny cubes) One shake of ginger (1/4 of a teaspoon) I washed it down with orange-lemon juice and hot ginger-turmeric-lemon tea. --Frances Ohanenye maintains this visual "cookbook" that features processes and ingredients in pictures. Other cooks and chefs should calibrate according to their local

Salad Surprise

For this blog, many words are not necessary. Serve the deceptive salad that looks plain. Wait with bated breath while the person complains about the uninspiring nature of the salad. Ask him/her to dig into the bowl.  Voila! This is a salad made with crunchy, soft, and other textures, music for the mouth: crispy green leaf lettuce, raw spinach, large Virginia peanuts, pitted black olives, crumbled goat cheese, sautéed mushrooms, seasoned black-eyed peas, and a drizzle of Sriracha. --Frances Ohanenye maintains this visual "cookbook" that features processes and ingredients in pictures. Cooks and chefs need to calibrate according to their locale, availability, and preference. Please click on the "Open Source Cooking" tab for additional information. Thanks for visiting. Have a fruitful day.

Normandy Veggie Salad Topped with Black-eyed Peas

Herein is a cornucopia of veggies for your optimal health. These are reheated leftovers from a few days ago when they were a vibrant green. String/green beans  Well-seasoned black-eyed peas discolored by turmeric    Normandy vegetables: yellow carrot, orange carrot, broccoli, and cauliflower discolored by turmeric. Yellow carrot gives this mixture of vegetables the name Normandy. (There are also the traditional mixed vegetables, California Medley, Oriental, Oriental Stir Fry, Grilling Vegetables, Italian Style, Fiesta Style, Southwest, Gumbo Blend, and so on).  --Frances Ohanenye maintains this unusual website where a picture is worth a thousand words. There are no calibrated ingredients, just a list for the cook/chef to use as needed and the liberty to exchange the ingredients featured with those located in his/her locale.