A Deviation for My Salad

Food exploration:
I changed up my salad base to raw everything: cabbage, broccoli, carrots, and red bell pepper. As nutrition experts will tell you, eating raw is the healthiest way. Cooked tends to subtract some nutrients. 

According to Sifetbabo ("the fastest-growing entertainment portal in the world"), "The first benefit of eating raw vegetables is the phytonutrients present in raw veggies can reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases like stroke, cancer, heart diseases, or old age eye-sight problems. However, cooking and food processing destroy many of these beneficial compounds. According to a study, approximately 55% of the vitamin C is lost during the cooking procedure of vegetables."

--Frances Ohanenye maintains this visual "cookbook" that features processes and ingredients in pictures. The offerings have evolved into vegetarian and food-allergy recipes. Other cooks and chefs should calibrate according to their locale, availability, and preference. Click on "Open Source Cooking" (http://www.virgyskitchenandgarden.com/p/kitchen-sample.html) for additional information. Thanks for visiting.


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