Indoor Window Sill Planters

New Yorkers and other Northerners appreciate window sills, the next best thing to a garden. 

I lived in Rochester, New York, and I was too busy to entertain any type of gardening. However, I loved to see what neighbors did with window sills since most of the land was covered with pavements and sidewalks: cement permanency.

I am blessed to have window sills in my classroom. The first time I walked into the huge classroom and saw the windows, the Northern part of me was excited, but the Southern part of me yearned for the real earth. The compromise is to turn my window sills into joyful portable gardens with potted plants.
The plant on the right (a philodendron variety) was sickly over the Christmas holiday from lack of TLC and water. Most of the leaves had turned brown and were dry enough to inflame a fireplace. I put my famous green thumb to use, nurtured the plant, and the leaves are now healthy and abundant. 

The pothos (above left) replaced the Croton Mammy (left) that died of thirst and TLC over the Christmas holiday. As gorgeous as they are, I need to stop wasting money on crotons. Their death is contrary to my belief in my green thumb.

These two plants (directly above and left--aloe vera--and right--Sago palm) do not need much TLC (tender loving care) being that they can thrive in the most arid places of the world. The danger is only in watering them too much.

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