This Week is All Fragranced Jollof Rice

I usually survive for two to three months without eating rice.

Carbohydrates stick (no pun intended) to my bones and do not let go, so I eat carbs sparingly except potato bread.

This week has been weird. I have cooked rice two times, back to back: Basmati and Jasmine. It must be their fragrance that lures me. The Kitchen ( describes them as having a slightly sweet, barely popcorn-like aroma. My description is that they both smell heady, enough to cause me to want to eat them white without stew or any other sauce. 

With the amount of rice I consumed this week, I am due for a rice sabbatical. The original seven-year duration may not be enough.
Lunch with four students 

Cooking Instructions: In a saucepan, simmer diced fresh tomatoes (2-3) with olive oil until the tartness is gone, and the tomatoes form a paste. This can take up to one hour.

In a big saucepan, boil two cups of Basmati rice until cooked but not lumpy.

In another saucepan, boil two bags of peas and cubed carrots without the peas losing their vibrant green color.

In a wok, saute one big chopped red onion in EVOL (extra-virgin olive). When the onion is tender, stir in the homemade tomato paste. Allow onion and tomato paste to form a thick consistency. Scoop in the cooked rice (drained) and the cooked vegetables (drained well). Keep stirring in medium heat. 

Add jollof rice seasoning, curry powder, turmeric powder, garlic powder, ground black pepper, crushed red pepper, a dash of pink Himalayan salt, and lemon pepper.

Serve with extra vegetables (steamed broccoli) or steamed kidney beans.

Most recipes here are vegetarian. Add meat as a side dish if desired.

--Frances Ohanenye maintains this visual "cookbook" that features processes and ingredients in pictures. The offerings have evolved into vegetarian and food-allergy recipes. Other cooks and chefs should calibrate according to their locale, availability, and preference. Click on "Open Source Cooking" for additional information. Thanks for visiting.


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