Special Food Order and Delivery

Yesterday's cooking was an email special order from a high-ranking official. 

I was humbled and accepted the order of white rice and beef stew with mild pepper. I decided to add vegetables to balance the menu.
All four stove-top rings were steaming, frying, sautéing, and boiling simultaneously.

I was chopping, blending, and checking for doneness for the items on the stove.

My reputation is at stake. 😓😳😨

Parboiled white rice is cooked and ready.
Steamed spinach and kale must stay green.
Fresh tomatoes, red bell pepper
Ripe plantain is frying.
Add chunks from turkey legs to the stew.
Chef/food blogger Frances Ohanenye

I delivered the food in a big basket with all utensils and other items (water, drinking glasses, plates, silverware, napkins) needed to start eating immediately. 

My reputation is at stake. 😓😳😨

The feedback came back: Many people in the establishment heard great comments about my cooking, and all the food was declared nutritious and  
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