Sunny-side Vegetarian Waffle Sandwich

Why not have a breakfast sandwich?
Prepare one whole, sunny side up.
Toast two Belgian waffles.
Sprinkle the waffles with honey.
Make into a sandwich.

But first, why did I end up with an orange yolk this morning? Curiosity took over.
Explanation: Apparently, the color of food hens eat affects the color of the yolk. When hens eat xanthophylls found in carrots and such, the yolk turns orange. According to Organic Valley, when hens eat wheat or barley, their yolks are lighter in color (yellow). 
--Frances Ohanenye maintains this visual "cookbook" that features processes and ingredients in pictures. The offerings have evolved into vegetarian and food-allergy recipes. Other cooks and chefs should calibrate according to their locale, availability, and preference. Click on "Open Source Cooking" ( for additional information. Thanks for visiting.


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