Caribbean Rice and Pigeon Peas

I was in Queens (New York) for an event. I caught the cooking bug and decided to make Caribbean rice and beans from a recipe I borrowed from Pat(rick) and Carol Shouldeen.

I went grocery shopping with my Godson, and we raked in some serious savings even as expensive as New York is. For example, I bought a 20-pound bag of parboiled rice for under $9.00. It can be done!

Caribbean Rice: Sautee diced red onion in hot olive oil in a big pot. After the onion is softened and emits an aroma, add chicken breast chunks. Turn the chicken until it is done. Add two tablespoonfuls of browning. Mix until chicken and onion turn brown. Add 2 cups of raw (uncooked--wash if desired) parboiled rice. Mix thoroughly. Pour in one can of drained dry pigeon peas. Mix well. Pour in one can of coconut milk and four cups of water. Mix well.
Sprinkle/pour these herbs, spices, and other condiments: Thyme, pink Himalayan salt, fresh and chopped garlic (or powder), 2 chicken bouillon small cubes, parsley, ground black pepper, paprika, and any other condiment. Cook on low heat until rice and peas are done.

Bridge: Steamed broccoli

Plaintain: I have not used palm oil to cook in a long time. Lighten the palm oil over low heat without smoke rising. Add slices of ripe plantain; turn on the other side until all sides are golden brown.

Bridge: Simmer California Medley vegetables served with Caribbean rice, left-over black-eye peas flavored with curry and turmeric, and spinach-kale combo.

The rice was so good that the boys finished it without remembering to leave some for their mother, my friend.

Enjoy, but remember to share!

Thanks for your hospitality, Nnennaya Kalu, my best friend of 50+ years.

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