Olive Cooked up a Storm of African Dishes

I was in New York for the memorial event of my beloved Khaliq Sanda (R.I.P., my son). It was an impossible event. I thank the generous people of Westport, Connecticut, for embracing Khaliq and for honoring him with a bridge. I thank Khaliq's friends from Duke University (Class of 2018) for making Khaliq feel loved beyond words.

Before I headed home after Khaliq's memorial event, Olive cooked up a parade of African dishes for me. I felt special. I was appreciative of the hours she spent in the kitchen on my behalf.

From left to right: The entire plethora of African dishes, baked chicken, stew for rice, soup for foo-foo/gari, baked sweet potatoes, foo-foo, rice topped with mixed vegetables, and buffalo chicken garnished with mixed vegetables.

If I were not flying straight from Olive's house, I would have packed enough food to last a few days. 

Olive put her feet in every food! The dishes were so delicious that I ate without my usual aversion to weight gain. I polished the plate of food, and somehow, I squeezed in the dessert.

Thank you for your hospitality, Olive!

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