Prebiotin-Rich Breakfast

Happy Labor Day!
Happy Red, White, and Blue!

I spent the last five days in Florida attending an orientation without much walking and without my kitchen or any kitchen. I was reduced to the difficult attempt to eat healthily.

I came home in the dead of the night. Still, I rose reasonably early to make up for my fitness and health-food deprivation. 

I speed-walked over 10K steps by 9 a.m. today. 

I prepared and ate a queenly breakfast rich in pre-biotin, served on a blue and white tray, and accessorized with a sprinkle of red utensils.

Pre-biotin (bolded): Sautéed onions (half bulb) and two cloves of garlic (almost raw); pour two fully beaten & scrambled brown eggs over the onions and garlic; fold in shredded cheese. Soy milk is for drinking, and honey is drizzled on Belgian waffles.

Protiotin: Cheese

I am going grocery shopping today to restock on pre-biotics and pro-biotics food.

--Frances Ohanenye maintains this visual "cookbook" that features processes and ingredients in pictures. The offerings have evolved into vegetarian and food-allergy recipes. Other cooks and chefs should calibrate according to their locale, availability, and preference. Click on "Open Source Cooking" ( for additional information. Thanks for visiting.


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