Nutrient-Rich Vegetarian Breakfast

A colleague shared the smoothie powder she formulated (her "baby": Infinite Supplement Elite Isolate.
It is packed with excellent nutrients. It is like a tablet of essential vitamins taken daily. It tastes great! Professor Kimya Mckinney is onto something incredible. Congratulations on your discovery, Professor Kimya Mckinney!

Take one scoop of the powder, mix it with sufficient amount of water in a blender container. The mixture is sufficient by itself at this point. 

If you want to kick it up some more, add vegetables and blend. The sucrose in the supplement is sweet enough to overide most vegetables. Even the broccoli and spinach I added did not overpower the sweetness of the smoothie.
The smoothie is delicious! The green vegetables changed only the color, not the taste.

Disclaimer: Please the label before you consume. It contains sunflower.


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