Recreating My Brunch from First Watch Restaurant

With an early release from school on Friday, I desired to treat myself to an off-campus brunch. I went to First Watch Restaurant. (I always cook and bring my lunch to work.)

I loved my brunch from First Watch Restaurant so much that I decided to recreate it one beautiful Sunday morning, December 18, 2022, to be exact.

It was a wonderful experience because First Watch never disappoints, except that my pleasant potatoes are more delicious. My teapot is prettier.

Instead of the orange marmalade I love, I was offered grape preserve, which wasn't bad. There was no candle for obvious reasons. I had the most amazing Kale Tonic, which First Watch does best.

At home, I duplicated all the dishes I had at First Watch except for the condiments: Pleasant potatoes, egg white, and Belgian waffles.  

Sorry to say, but my homecooked eggs and pleasant potatoes tasted better than the ones I ate at First Watch. I concede that their waffles were bigger and better. We both used cream color dinnerware, of course.


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