Dishwashers and Chemicals

The idea of using a dishwasher to clean my dishes and utensils causes my skin to crawl because of the debris, history, and inefficiency of the machine. The idea of using chemicals on my dishes and utensils cause me nightmare because of the carcinogenic consequences. I have been known to buy a dishwasher (and microwave) just to fill in spaces rather than ripping them out and leaving gaping holes.

To slash a long story, I have always preferred to handwash my dishes than stick them in the dishwasher. With my recent work, life loads, and course loads, I loaded up the machine against my best judgment. It washed the dishes the first time and left white powdery substance at the end of the cycle. I turned it on again but without the chemical. The powder was gone. 

Finding: I used a Kate Spade bowl to eat cereal and handwashed it. I had washed the sisters/brothers of the Kate Spade bowl in the dishwasher (above) two times. When both dried, I was going to place the handwashed bowl inside the dishwasher-cleaned bowl. The handwashed one gleamed. I looked at the dishwasher-cleaned bowl, but it was as dull as if it hadn't been washed at all.

Old school continues to triumph over new fangled everything, just about. Just saying.
Which one is handwashed?


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