How to Enjoy Rice and Other Starches and Not Risk Health or Weight Gain

A bowl of cooked plain rice
Chuxay Gardens or Qauzuy


I love rice!

I love starch!

Rice and other starches do not return the sentiment. I gain five pounds or more each time I eat rice, so I have schooled myself to resist the attraction rice holds.

As anyone knows, starches are addictive.

According to SciSpace, more than almost half the world (3.5 billion people) eat rice EVERY DAY! Rice provides 15% per capita protein and 21% global human per capita energy. Not only that, My home continent (Africa) alone with a population of 1.2 billion people consumes 33% of all the rice available on the world market, but it does not produce 33% of the world's rice.

If this data is correct, Glocal yield puts Sub-Sahara Africa's production of rice at only 6% and harvested on 26% on land. China (with 1.4 billion people) produces 40% of the world's rice output and consumes 29% of it.

Starches (rice, potatoes, bread, pasta, and others) taste incredible when transformed from their natural state into edible conditions, especially when they are fried (french fries, fried rice, puff-puff, chin-chin, and other tasty foods).

That is the problem. When natural starch is converted into cooked or baked condition, all sorts of unhealthy conditions arise that are problematic for our metabolism: high glucose and other conditions.

Watch these videos and learn how to reduce the negative effects of rice.


I try to postpone rice intake for months. 

I soak rice and wash it before cooking.

I need to avoid eating rice immediately after cooking it.

I eat potato bread instead of regular bread.

I freeze loaves of bread before thawing and eating them.

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