How to Compare Cooked Vegetables

I ate junk this week because I did not plan ahead. I did not have the time to cook.

I was required to be at work late one day till 8 p.m. but by choice the second day.
My system needs cleansing from all that junk.
1. I fasted for 15 hours from last night to this afternoon.
2. I will eat only veggies and drink only water and green tea.

While I was making the roasted veggies, I decided to bake another patch using the exact same ingredients:
Fresh ground black pepper
Cajun's Choice Blackened Seasoning
Temperature: 380⁰
Sprinkled with diced onions

The verdict: The roasted veggies were tastier, firmer, and lighter.
The baked veggies baked uniformly. Some of the roasted are still roasting.


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